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Top locations of Chinese internet traffic

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By Dec 2018, China has 829 million internet users. 56.9% of the population are internet user now.

When you setting GEO targeting in the SEM campaigns, it is good to know which location can bring enough traffic.

Below is the distribution of internet traffic in China in 2018.

Top 10 locations are:

China Internet Traffic distribution – 2018
Locations Traffic Share
Guang Dong (广东) 12.71%
Jiang Su (江苏) 7.34%
Shan Dong (山东) 7.05%
He Nan (河南) 6.16%
Zhe Jiang (浙江) 6.12%
He Bei (河北) 5.19%
Si Chuan (四川) 4.66%
Hu Nan (湖南) 3.68%
Bei Jing (北京) 3.62%
Hu Bei (湖北) 3.61%

Most traffic is from south-east China which is consistent with the population distribution.

China Internet Traffic – 2018