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What kind of ads that WeChat offer?

WeChat is the most popular social media APP in China, having 1 billion users. From 2018, WeChat provide 3 different types of ads: “WeChat Moments Ads”, “WeChat Official Account Ads” and “WeChat Mini APP ads”. Below are some examples.

  • WeChat Moments Ads

This kind of ad is displayed in the Moments of targeted WeChat Users. Its format is very close to other messages in Moments. It can contain text, link, image, and video. By clicking the link, users can land to advertisers’ landing page, official WeChat account or mini APP.

Below is the example of WeChat Moments Ads.

  • WeChat Official Account Ads

This kind of ad is displayed at the bottom of the articles from selected Wechat official accounts. It can contain text, link, and image. It is like the banner ads on the website.

Below is the example of WeChat Official Account Ads.

  • WeChat Mini APP ads

Mini APP is the apps that built inside WeChat, which allow users to use some basic functions of the APP without installing them. This kind of ads is displayed in the Mini APP, like in normal APPs.

WeChat provide different bidding options like CPM, CPC, and oCPM, plus the targeting options, we believe it will become an important traffic source in the future.